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Nathalie Fontana Photographie Content creation Website

Nathalie Fontana Photographie

THE PHOTOGRAPHER Photographer for more than 12 years, Nathalie Fontana is specialized in pregnancy, newborn, baby and family pictures. " I'm happy to immortalize unique instants of life and its fabulous joys."   CHALLENGES • Introduce Nathalie Fontana's work and the different photoshoots,  • Offer to buy products after the photoshoot through the Shop, • Offer a birth list, • [...] Read more...
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Widr Content creation


THE COMPANY Widr, the available and trust-worthy friend, with a worldwide contacts book. Post your request: "I'm looking for... a nanny / a lawyer / a doctor / an internship..." and let the word of mouth do its job: your community (your friends and the friends of your friends) recommends you trust-worthy professionals to answer your request.   TASKS • [...] Read more...
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BLOOMHER Content creation


THE COMPANY BLOOMHER, the career booster for women! To help you develop new skills, BLOOMHER offers you online courses, given by digital experts and certified coaches. Join a kind community to be trained, to get information and meet people.   TASKS • Website content writing consulting, • Definition of an editorial charter, • Blog posts writing,  • Summary sheets of training [...] Read more...
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Creative talents Village Content creation

Creative talents Village

THE COMPANY Unique, the "creative talents Village", located in Puget-sur-Agens (south of France), gathers French craftsmanship, healthy and organic food and zen space.   TASKS • Website content writing (concept, commitments, values), • Charter writing consulting, • Villagers presentations writing. Client  Creative talents Village Date  October 2018 - February 2019 Useful link http://levillagedestalentscreatifs.fr Read more...
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Impact Market Website

Impact Market

THE COMPANY Impact Market creates, designs and set up all your POS, stands, corners and pop up stores all around France and Europe. Chose among a large range of design products for your exhibition, offices, events or points of sale. If you already have a project in mind, our design office and graphic studio will help bring it to life. [...] Read more...
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PIMMS Website


THE PIMMS The PIMMS, located in Noisy-le-Grand (suburb of Paris) is a place open for everybody, free, to help with administratives procedures, offer internet access and advise to save energy. The PIMMS also organizes many workshops.   CHALLENGES • Present the association and the services, • Highlight all the partners, • Present the workshop and encourage to sign up online, • Remember the 2 [...] Read more...
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J’achète en Espagne Website

J’achète en Espagne

THE COMPANY J’achète en Espagne is made of the best real estate hunters, to look for and find the best properties for you. Looking for being an expat in Spain or retire over there? Don’t buy alone in Spain.   CHALLENGES • Introduce the team of property hunters, • Present the most beautiful spanish areas, • Evaluate the feasibility of a project. Client  [...] Read more...
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Podiatrist in Servon Content creation Website

Podiatrist in Servon

THE COMPANY Roselyne Huon is a podiatrist and chiropodist in Servon (suburb of Paris) since 20 years. She offers tailor-made orthopedic soles and delivers footcare.   CHALLENGES • Present the provided cares, • Reassure the patient that there is no pain during the treatment, • Connect with the patient and show dedication, • Offer to make online appointment.   TASKS • Realization of the [...] Read more...
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France Finance Content creation Website

France Finance

THE COMPANY Established in 2009, France Finance Group is a brokerage specialist in private and professional financing. Advise, listening and expertise are the key words.   CHALLENGES • Present the company services, • Inform French buyers with practical information sheets and glossary, • Allow to simulate a mortgage request in live.   TASKS • Realization of the website, • Content [...] Read more...
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SoundR Mobile app


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Planibeton Marketing Website


THE COMPANY Planibeton offers concrete pump rent, but also ready-mixed concrete transport to the companies from all over the Ile-de-France area.   CHALLENGES • Present the equipment used by Planibeton, • Showcase the providing of quote, • Strengthen the brand identity, • Create a database to send newsletters. Client  Planibeton Date  April-May 2017 Useful link http://www.planibeton.fr Read more...
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Parad Mobile app


THE APP PARAD is an iPad app made for NUVIA, nuclear subsidiary of Vinci Construction. PARAD aims to guide the manoeuvre operators on building sites to prevent accidents and comply with the regulations.   FEATURES • Realization of lifting adequacy to check that the accessory used to lift the load is appropriate, and that all the terms and conditions of use [...] Read more...
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Motorlab Content creation Website


THE COMPANY Motorlab helps individuals and professionals in the buying, selling and maintenance of their vehicles, by proposing a Diagnostic service (motor-oil analysis) and excess repurchase insurance contract.   CHALLENGES • Educate individuals who are about to buy a car on the ways to protect themselves, • Promote the various offers, • Raise the awareness of professionals about the services, • Online sale of [...] Read more...
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Lizsol Marketing Website


THE COMPANY For more than 25 years, Lizsol is specialized in industrial flooring: conception, assessment and realization of paving, for both professionals and individuals.   CHALLENGES • Present the activity of Lizsol and illustrate it, • Give a brand identity to the company, • Create a database to send newsletters. Client  Lizsol Date  June 2016 Useful link http://www.lizsol.fr Read more...
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LivSmart Solutions Marketing Website

LivSmart Solutions

THE COMPANY LivSmart Solutions is energy rating consultants specialised in the thermal performance of buildings for sustainable living.   CHALLENGES • Introduce LivSmart Solutions as a new player in the market, • Educate individuals on the various certificates, • Indicate the pricing, • Run Adwords campaigns by redirecting towards specifics pages of the site. Client  LivSmart Solutions Date  June 2017 Useful link http://www.livsmartsolutions.com.au Read more...
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Hapiwine Mobile app


THE APP Designed in collaboration with Eric Beaumard, vice World's Best Sommelier, Hapiwine provides to both amateurs and beginners personalised recommendations, help them discover new wines and buy them in just a few clicks.   FEATURES • Development of a quiz replicating a conversation window with a chatbot. Client  Hapiwine Date  December 2017 Read more...
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Fouquet’s Mobile app


THE APP Thanks to an iPad, the client of the luxurious hotel Le Fouquet’s, located right into the Champs-Elysées avenue, enjoys a fully digitalised room or suite (TV, curtains, lights, etc.). The presidential suite is also equipped, as well as the Salon Alexandre, the conference room of the hotel.   FEATURES • Control of the whole room with the application developed [...] Read more...
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ELAT Content creation Marketing Mobile app Website


ELAT ELAT is specialized in long-term leasing and offers especially to the professionals a large range of vehicles, from compact to premium.   TASKS • Development of the mobile app: iOS and Android (React Native) • Realization of the website (Wordpress) • Consulting for all the marketing activities: newsletters, landing page, adwords Date  Since October 2016 Useful link  http://elat-location-lld.fr Read more...
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Discloz Marketing Mobile app Website


DISCLOZ Discloz is a professional network allowing to users to create their video resume in less than 5 minutes. They can also discover the “behind the scenes” of companies they like and apply to jobs offers. TASKS • Consulting for the development of the iOS and Android apps (React Native) • Realization of the website • Consulting for all the marketing activities Milestone [...] Read more...
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Kanap’ Marketing Mobile app Website


CONCEPT Bye Alertfilm, welcome to Kanap! The concept is the same but the app for movies and tv shows fans has been entirely rethought and comes with new features: filters to choose more easily what to watch, collaborative watchlists, more important social aspect…   TASKS • Rebranding of the app • Simplified concept • Development of new features Milestone Creation of a video [...] Read more...
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Alertfilm Marketing Mobile app Website


CONCEPT Alertfilm is an app for movies and tv shows fans : it gives all the availables movies and tv shows on VOD providers, offers playlists to get inspired and send notifications when an awaited movie is finally out!   TASKS · Creation of the concept · Development of the iOS application · Development of the backend (Python) - Servers refreshing the VOD [...] Read more...
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Shuff Content creation Marketing Mobile app Website


CONCEPT Shuff is an interactive messenger in real time: users can follow letter by letter what their friends are typing, draw together in the Drawroom or use the anonymous mode to talk to their friends with identity kept secret.   TASKS • Creation of the concept (from the idea to the visual and audio identity) • Development of the iOS application • [...] Read more...
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